SELFSTUDY Grade 6 Music Theory Complete Course

15 week course with assignments. Covers the whole Grade 6 exam paper.

Pass your ABRSM Grade 6 Music Theory Exam with Flying Colours! 


Also available: This course with marking of all assignment included - Click Here!

It can be a challenge to find a teacher for the higher music theory grades (6-8), and it can be a frustrating to find the time for lessons.
Join the Mymusictheory Grade 6 video course and take your lessons when it suits you, in the knowledge that your teacher has already coached hundreds of students through their exams and is only an email away to help you!

This is a 15 week course. Please ensure you have ample time to work through everything before your booked exam. 

  • You should already have passed (or are expecting to pass after recently taking) ABRSM or Trinity Grade 5 Music Theory before joining this course.
  • You will need to commit to 2-3 hours' a week of study if you wish to complete the course in 15 weeks
  • There is no time limit for completing the course. The materials will remain available to you after the 15th week with no limits on access 
Each week you'll get:
  • Lessons on Harmony/Figured Bass
  • Lessons on Composition
  • Lessons on General Knowledge required for the score based questions (4 and 5 in the exam).
Please scroll to the end of the page for the full curriculum.

Lessons are delivered by:
  • Video (approx. 5 hours in total)
  • Text on screen
  • PDF Handbook to download - contains all lesson notes, assignments and suggested answers where possible.

The course includes weekly assignments
  • Assignments cover harmony, figured bass, composition and score-reading
  • You will get a total of 15 harmony/figured bass tasks, 10 composition tasks and 15 score-based questions tasks
  • Weekly assignments include listening activities (links/videos all provided)
  • Please note that the course does not include marking of past papers, but that this can be arranged

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. 

Please note that marking is NOT included in this course. 

Figured Bass 1a: What is Figured Bass?
Figured Bass 1b: The Anatomy of a Chord
Figured Bass 1c: How the Figures Work
Figured Bass 1: Assignment (PDF)
Composition 1a: Composing at Grade 6
Composition 1b: What the Examiner is Looking For
Composition 1: Assignment 1
General Knowledge 1: The Baroque Era
General Knowledge 1: Assignment
Figured Bass 2: Other Symbols
Figured Bass 2: Assignment
Composition 2a: The Given Opening
Composition 2b: Harmonic Structure
Composition 2: Week 1 Assignments
General Knowledge 2: The Classical Era
General Knowledge 2: Assignment
Figured Bass 3: Voice Leading
Figured Bass 3: Assignment
Composition 3: A Worked Example
Composition 3: Assignment 2
General Knowledge 3: The Romantic Era
General Knowledge 3: Assignment
Figured Bass 4: Spacing Chords
Figured Bass 4: Assignment
Composition 4: Minor Keys
Composition 4: Minor Keys Assignment
General Knowledge 4: The Modern (20th C) Era
General Knowledge 4: Assignment
Figured Bass 5: Doubling
Figured Bass 5: Assignment
Composition 5: A Worked Example (Minor)
Composition 5: Assignment
General Knowledge 5: The String Section
General Knowledge 5: Assignment
Figured Bass 6: Consecutives
Figured Bass 6: Assignment
Composition 6: Chromatics
Composition 6: Assignment
General Knowledge 6: The Woodwind Section
General Knowledge 6: Assignment (Woodwind)
Figured Bass 7: Omissions
Figured Bass 7: Assignment
Composition 7: Modulation
Composition 7: Modulation Assignment
General Knowledge 7: The Brass Section
General Knowlege 7: Brass (Listening)
General Knowledge 7: Assignment (The Brass Section)
Figured Bass 8: Minor Keys PDF & Assignment
Composition 8: Performance Directions
Composition 8: Assignment
General Knowledge 8: Foreign Musical Terms
General Knowledge 8: Foreign Musical Terms Practice
Figured Bass 9: Melodic Decoration
Figured Bass 9: Assignment
Composition 9: Instrument Ranges
Composition 9: Assignment
General Knowledge 9: Ornaments
General Knowledge 9: Assignment
Figured Bass 10a: Adding the Soprano Line
Figured Bass 10b: Adding the Inner Parts
Figured Bass 10: Assignment
Composition 10: A Real Life Example
Composition 10: Assignment
General Knowledge 10: Transposition
General Knowledge 10: Assignment
Harmonising 1: Introduction PDF & Assignment
Composition 11: Assignment
General Knowledge 11a: Intervals Revision
General Knowledge 11b: Intervals in a Score
General Knowledge 11: Assignment
Harmonising 2: Cadences PDF & Assignment
Composition 12: Assignment
General Knowledge 12: Chords and Key
General Knowledge 12: Assignment
Harmonising 13: Progressions PDF & Assignment
Composition 13: Assignment
General Knowledge 13a: Musical Devices
General Knowledge 13b: Changing the Mood
General Knowledge 13: Assignment
Harmonising 14: Chord Notes and Non-Chord Notes PDF & Assignment
Composition 14: Assignment
General Knowledge 14: Assignment Revision
Harmonising 5a: Adding a Figured Bass Line (Method)
Harmonising 5b: Adding a Figured Bass Line (Example)
Harmonising 15: Inversions and Harmonising
Mock Exam

Incredible structure, you make learning theory fun and easy to understand!!!

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What's included

  • 36 Video Lessons
  • 51 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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