Grade 8 Composition

Create a top-scoring composition with strong harmonic structure and modulations, with well-crafted, musical phrases.

Grade 8 Composition ABRSM

If you are taking the ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory exam, this course is for you. This question is worth 20% of the whole exam, but since it seems rather "subjective" - how can you know whether your composition is any good?
In this course, you'll learn exactly how to craft a high-scoring composition, which will please the examiners and please you too!
In this course you will learn:
  • How to adapt the ideas of the given opening in the exam question, using techniques such as sequences, imitation, augmentation/diminution and others, to produce a coherent whole.
  • How to plan a strong, balanced structure for your composition, using clear phrases and appropriate cadences.
  • How to modulate - through which keys, and precisely how to do that, using a variety of methods.
  • How to make your performance directions meaningful and idiomatic (suitable for the instrument you're writing for).
I've been coaching students through their music theory exams for many years, and have a wealth of experience which I'd love to share with you. I'm available via the discussion board to answer any queries you may have and listen to your comments.
The course includes several PDFs including a Cadences revision cheat sheet, and a selection of practice Composition Exercises. You are more than welcome to send me your finished product for comment and a likely score.

Download the Course Notes PDF here
Upgrade to the Full Course
Creating a Structure
Analysis of the Given Opening
Adapting a Melodic Idea 1 - Sequences
Adapting a Melodic Idea 2 - Other Techniques
Creating a Contrast
Making Phrases
Cadences Cheat Sheet
Planning Modulations
How to Modulate
Performance Directions
Instrument Considerations
A Worked Example
PDF of Composition Openings for Practice

What's included

  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 4 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Victoria Williams